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It’s time to root out bad apples and adopt a sensible approach to make sure greyhounds have a safe future

A few weeks ago, the latest addition to our family, Freddie, joined me down at Parliament House to sniff the breeze of Tasmanian democracy. Freddie, I should explain, is a much loved rescue greyhound adopted by my family last year from the Brightside Farm Animal Sanctuary. Since then he’s invested much of his time chewing through the shoes at the…

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Cruel industry should be worried

I might be getting cynical in my old age but when an industry turns to an international crisis management firm for help, spends money on full pages ads in the local paper, sets up fancy public relation websites, and starts to attack community advocates, I’m inclined to think they are more than a little worried. And that is exactly the…

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Cruel, Ruthless Industry has Run its Race

In what kind of weird parallel universe does the new Prime Minister own a poodle cross called Toto Albanese, clearly living in the lap of luxury and boasting 30,000 Twitter followers, while down the road, and in thousands of rudimentary kennels all around the nation, greyhounds scarcely out of puppyhood run for their lives with a horrible bounty on their…

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Scare tactics are simply disrespectful

Nothing looks more desperate than a politician in full panic mode. But that’s what the Australian public has had to endure during this federal election campaign. The Coalition Government has been spooked by polling and voter feedback that many of its sitting members are in serious danger of being ousted by independents. What could be worse for the major party…

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Labor test on Pokies

Tasmanian Labor has got itself into a terrible policy mess over poker machines. To say the party is conflicted and confused is an understatement – more backflips than an Olympic gymnast – but with the ending of the Federal Group’s poker machine monopoly, we will see what they are really made of. For the first two decades of this century…

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