Motions to Parliament

Kristie Johnston MP, Notice of Motion – 12 June 2024

Ms Johnston to move—That the House:—(1) Notes:—(a) that the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 has some of the mostcomprehensive prohibitions against discrimination and bullying ineducational settings in Australia. However, according to recently releaseddata from the Australian Council for Educational Research, Tasmania has thehighest rate of schoolyard bullying of any state or territory;(b) the regular and numerous reports to support services and…

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Time for Action on Ice Skating Rink

Today in Parliament I moved a motion calling on the Government to work with Ice Sports Tasmania to deliver a new ice skating rink that will secure the future of ice sports in Tasmania. I will be joined by Anna Holliday, President of Ice Sports Tasmania to comment on the outcome of my motion and the options for a much-needed…

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Private Members Motion – Housing Committee Motion into private rental market – 17 August 2022

There is an overwhelming need for the select committee that I propose today.  As housing researcher Professor Peter Phibbs said just last month in describing Tasmania’s housing market as dysfunctional, ‘You can’t run a society where people can’t move to a place to be a teacher or a doctor because they can’t get a house’.  That is where we are…

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Urgent Motion to the House – 24 August 2021

(1) Does not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. (2) Acknowledges that sexual harassment is not a women’s issue; it is a societal issue which every Australian, and every Australian workplace can contribute to addressing. (3) Acknowledges that workplace sexual harassment is not inevitable and is not acceptable. (4) Acknowledges that sexual harassment in the workplace is preventable. (5) Acknowledges…

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