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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Sports and Recreation – 13 June 2024

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Thank you Honourable Speaker.

My question is to the Acting Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Minister on 18 October last year the Government along with the opposition and cross bench agreed to a Notice of Motion calling on the Government to commit to working actively with Ice Sports Tasmania to deliver a viable solution for an ice sports facility and to ensure the necessary funding for the new facility is included in the 2024-25 budget.

At the time, Minister Street said that only piece of work left remaining was a facilities option paper but reassured the ice sports community that this would be concluded by 30 January and that it would be all system go following this.

It is now five months later and still no options paper, no consultation with Ice Sports Tasmania since October 2023 until last week and it seems that the opportunity to build a facility is slipping away and ice sports participants are really struggling to remain in the sport without a Tasmanian facility.

Minister, can you reassure the ice sports community that the Government is committed to ensuring that they have an ice sports facility as soon as possible and that the Government appreciates the urgency for Tasmanians who don’t have a facility at all in the state?

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