Questions in Parliament

Kristie Johnston, Question to the Attorney General – 23 May 2024

Thank you Madam Speaker.

My question is to the Attorney General.

Attorney yesterday an Integrity Commission report was tabled in this house following an investigation which uncovered a serious issue with Right to Information processes within the Department of Health.

Mr Roland Browne, one of the complainants, issued a statement yesterday condemning the Integrity Commission for taking 2.5 years to investigate while the principal actor (the RTI officer) was able to continue in his role assessing and rejecting RTI applications. Mr Browne was scathing of the time it took for investigation and the secrecy during the investigation about the systemic issues with RTI assessments in the Department.

This points, yet again, to another failure of the Integrity Commission to do its job in a transparent, timely manner and demonstrates that it is putting protecting government bodies ahead of the public’s right to know.

Attorney, do you think it is appropriate that the Integrity Commission took so long to investigate this matter and that it kept its investigation secret while the unsuspecting public battled with the dodgy RTI panel for 2.5 years?

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