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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Health – 22 May 2024

Thank you Madam Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Health.

Minister, last week was Kidney Week and a great opportunity to recognise the prevalence of kidney disease in Tasmania with over 67,000 people living with kidney disease.

Those who require life saving dialysis attend the dialysis unit at St John’s Park on average 3 times a week for approximately 4-5 hours each time.

Minister, I have members of the Kidney Advisory Group with me here today. They tell me that the facility at St John’s Park is in a state of disrepair and not fit for purpose. It is so cold that they are forced to bring their own blankets, there is no privacy, it’s not accessible, and the facilities and staff are under huge amounts of pressure trying to deliver this crucial life-saving treatment to patients now and into the future.

Minister, will you meet with Kidney Advisory Group on site as a matter of urgency, listen to their concerns, and work with them to ensure that dialysis patients get the standard of care they need and deserve?

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