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Time for Parliament to Get to Work

By April 24, 2024No Comments

It is past time for this Parliament to get to work.

My consistent stand since the election has been that the party commissioned to form Government should be given a chance to govern. In addition, I’ve also consistently said that I am prepared to provide confidence and supply on a merit basis so that the Government can get on with its job.

I believe that every elected member has a responsibility to respect the diverse views that the Tasmanian people have elected and to work together in the best interest of all Tasmanians.

Members of the public have asked what I mean by “merit”. The Premier has also sought clarification, so to ensure clarity and accountability I have set down in writing the principles that will guide my merit decision making and approach to work.

I have also today written to the Leader of the Opposition, the Leader of the Greens and all my cross bench colleagues in the same terms.

The Premier, the Parliament and the people of Tasmania can be sure that I will at all times make decisions on merit, giving regard to my conscience and the prevailing circumstances, and that includes questions of confidence and supply.

I look forward to a new Parliament where every matter is genuinely debated, and the best decisions are made for the people of Tasmania. It’s what the people need and expect.

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