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International Fight to end Greyhound Racing

By February 28, 2024No Comments

Australia is one of only six countries which still has legal greyhound racing tracks.

Greyhound racing is a systemically cruel activity that affects all aspects of a dog’s life: breeding, racing and retirement.

In 2022, over 13500 Tasmanians signed a parliamentary e-petition calling for the end to the government funding of greyhound racing. Despite being one of the largest responses to any e-petition, the Government simply ignored the voices of the people and continues to condone animal abuse by dipping into public funds to prop up this medieval practice.

And yet taxpayers’ dollars are being used to subsidise this industry. Essentially, Government funded animal cruelty. Worse still, the ironically named Office of Racing Integrity has shown time and time again how in ineffectual they are when it comes to upholding integrity and enforcing animal welfare standards. They continue to allow notorious trainers such as Anthony Bullock to continue.

Nothing short of a full independent inquiry into Tasmanian greyhound racing will save these gentle, loving dogs from the life of hell they are currently living.

I welcome our American guests, Christine Dorchak and Carey Theil, who have fought for, and succeeded after decades of fighting the good fight to all but end greyhound racing in the USA. We have much to learn from them and I am grateful for their tireless work.

I also acknowledge and thank the great work of Fran Chambers and all the dedicated volunteers of Let Greyhounds Run Free. We are close, not there yet, but by working together we will see an end to this barbaric “sport”.

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