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Premier Avoids Scrutiny on Commission of Inquiry Scrutiny into Child Sex Abuse

By February 15, 2024No Comments

It is deeply disappointing, utterly frustrating, but sadly not surprising that the Premier has dodged parliamentary scrutiny yet again – this time by calling an election.

The Parliament created the Provision of Information Committee, of which I am deputy chair, to determine if the Premier and his departmental secretary Ms Jenny Gale were completely open and honest in regard to what they knew about section 18 notices – that is, allegation of misconduct against public servants – issued by the Commission.

The Committee has made several attempts to call the Premier and Ms Gale as a witness throughout January and February but each time we were advised that they were unavailable.

An election being called now is very convenient for the Premier and Ms Gale. It allows the can of responsibility to be kicked down the road yet again. The committee is forced to disband and Tasmanians, particularly victim survivors, may never know the truth about who knew and turned a blind eye to child sexual abuse in Government institutions.

This government have turned scrutiny and accountability avoidance into a fine art.

Victim survivors have been let down again and their pain and suffering continues.

I am not going to rest on this issue. The victim survivors deserve justice and closure, nothing less. If re-elected, I will continue to press the new Parliament to re-establish the Provision of Information Committee so that the full truth can be known.

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