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There’s an election coming for sure. The Deputy Premier, Michael Ferguson, seems to have gone soft on his “nation-leading” poker machine reforms he announced back in September two years ago.

Perhaps he’s been rolled in the Liberal Party room? The Liberals would be petrified of the powerful pokies barons during an election campaign. They know the gaming giants will  spend millions of dollars to defeat any threat to the rivers of gold they get from poker machine misery.

Mr Ferguson promised the scheme would be implemented by December 2024, but going by the lack of any action it’s hard not to conclude that Mr Ferguson’s much lauded reforms have been quietly dumped. He’s clearly running scared of the poker machine industry.

The Liberals are clearing the decks for the up-coming election campaign. This is bad news to the thousands of Tasmanian families who suffer from the millions of dollars these machines syphon out of our poorest communities.

Mr Ferguson’s “nation-leading” and “gold standard” reforms were influenced by recommendations of a Liquor and Gaming Commission’s report into harm minimization technologies and included a State-wide card with pre-set default limits and cashless gaming for all players.

Mr Ferguson’s media release from 15 September 2022 is attached for reference.

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