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Kristie Johnston – Statement on Animal Cruelty Revelations – 14 December 2023

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Statement regarding the shocking revelations of animal cruelty at the Cressy Abattoir:

The videos I saw made me sick to the stomach. Sadly, we’ve seen successive Labor and Liberal governments fail to rein in animal abuse in the meat processing industry.

As far as I’m concerned, animal welfare is not a tradeable commodity to be discounted or marginalised for economic gain. Animal welfare is not negotiable.

We see this in the racing industry too where shocking animal abuse is allowed to continue because it is economically expedient.

In Parliament I voted in favour of a motion put forward by John Tucker MP, and agreed to by the House, which called for an audit of animal welfare standards in all slaughterhouses, including a framework for more regular auditing and oversight, and 24 hour, fixed video surveillance cameras. The motion requires the primary industry minister to report back to the house on the establishment of these measures in the first sitting week of 2024.

I was prepared to support the motion because it is a step forward, however we must do more. Essentially, we need a mandated code of practice for animal welfare at abattoirs that has state-wide application – as recommended by the RSPCA – and importantly which is properly funded to enforce those standards.

I will continue to do all I can to stamp out animal cruelty in all industries that rely on animals such as meat processing, live animal export, puppy farms and the racing codes.

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