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Dark Shadow over COI Response…

By December 7, 2023No Comments

“Victim survivors are deeply upset and confused at the Premier’s and his ministers’ apparent lack of curiosity in determining who within government may enabled abhorrent acts of sexual abuse,” Ms Johnston said.

“The Premier and his Ministers’ responses to questions frequently hide behind paper thin excuses that the Commission of Inquiry hadn’t provided that level of detail in their report or that they don’t know.

“But we know otherwise. The Government was provided with a list of at least some people under suspicion as early as April this year.

“The Premier should have apologised for his failure yet again to be honest, open and transparent but he did not take that opportunity this morning.

“His words are becoming more and more meaningless and it casts a dark shadow over the Government’s response to the COI.

“Something is terribly wrong here …”

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