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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Consumer Affairs – 16 November 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker,

My question is to the Minister for Consumer Affairs.

Minister, members of Families Tasmania (formerly Child Health Association of Tasmania) were devastated to learn that this organisation, with a 106 year history, was put into voluntary solvent liquidation by the board without any communication with its members. Staff were terminated, and the accounts and operations of the organisation were immediately frozen.

After legal advice was sought by members the initial appointment of the liquidators was deemed invalid and management was returned to the board.

However, without any apparent change in financial circumstance, the board decided on 9 October, to put the organisation into voluntary administration citing that Families Tasmania was insolvent or likely to become insolvent.

Minister, members of Families Tasmania and former staff are being kept in the dark about why this has occurred and what is happening now by the administrator.

It has come out of the blue and something doesn’t stack up.

Minister, will you request that CBOS immediately conduct an investigation into the conduct of the Families Tasmania board and the administrator to allay the legitimate concerns of the community?

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