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Racing Minister Calls for Tasracing to Revoke Bullock’s ‘Trainer of the Year’ Award

By October 31, 2023No Comments

Statement from Kristie Johnston MP;

Today in Parliamentary question time I asked the Minister for Racing, Felix Ellis, the following:

Minister when I asked you last question time about the appropriateness of Anthony Bullock and his fellow notorious trainers receiving trainer of the year awards you made light of the matter and failed to condemn Tasracing’s actions.

Since then Mr Bullock has been found guilty of live baiting and been banned from greyhound racing for life.

Will you now condemn the actions of Mr Bullock and call on Tasracing to revoke his award or will you continue to applaud someone who live baits and inflicts enormous cruelty upon animals?

I was pleased to hear from Mr Ellis that he thought it was not appropriate that Mr Bullock had received a trainer of the year award and had contacted Tasracing for a response.

It’s taken several questions in parliament and media pressure for Mr Ellis to get to this point, but nonetheless it is an encouraging step forward, and I welcome it.

Given the Racing Minister’s comments, Tasracing must immediately revoke the award received by Anthony Bullock. The ball is in their court. Will they continue to stand by this trainer?

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