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Lifetime Ban for Greyhound Trainer Bullock

By October 30, 2023No Comments

Statement from Kristie Johnston MP

It is welcome news that greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock has been banned for life from the greyhound industry.

Earlier this year I drew Racing Minister Felix Ellis’s attention to the apparent terrible treatment of dogs at Anthony Bullock’s property at Westbury, which resulted in the Office of Racing Integrity to finally commit to an investigation of this facility.

I, along with many other animal welfare advocates, have for a long time been calling out Mr Bullock’s appalling animal welfare standards and disregard for the rules of racing.

The sad fact is that it took brave members of the community to release drone footage of the conditions at his property before the authorities took action.

For years a succession of Government ministers and racing management have been saying “nothing to see here” whenever animal welfare concerns within greyhound racing have been aired.

The reputation of Tasracing and the Office of Racing Integrity is now in tatters. Minister Ellis must drop his cheerleading of a failed administration and completely overhaul the practices and the culture of racing administration in Tasmania.

I remind the community that these tragic circumstances these animals find themselves in is because we allow greyhound racing to continue through taxpayer funding.

There are hundreds of dogs that need rescuing and Tasracing must fix the mess they have created and fund the rehabilitation and rehoming of all these dogs. Of course, if previous experience is to go by, Tasracing has not the heart to do this, so I call on those in the community who are able to open their homes and couches to these beautiful dogs to give them the better life they deserve.

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