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Time for Action on Ice Skating Rink

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Today in Parliament I moved a motion calling on the Government to work with Ice Sports Tasmania to deliver a new ice skating rink that will secure the future of ice sports in Tasmania.

I will be joined by Anna Holliday, President of Ice Sports Tasmania to comment on the outcome of my motion and the options for a much-needed ice skating rink in Tasmania

For Background:

  • Options paper from Ice Sports Tasmania provided to the Government. (PDF Attached)
  • Ice Sports Tasmania survey results (PDF Attached)
  • Text of my motion (Attached below)

Ms Johnston to move –

That the House

  1. Notes that in May 2021, Tasmania’s only ice rink closed and thousands of Tasmanians who used the rink for sport and recreation can no longer participate or are forced to travel to the mainland to continue participating in the sport;
  2. Notes that IceSports Tasmania’s March 2023 Community Impact Survey revealed Tasmanians of all ages are experiencing negative impacts on their psychological, emotional, social and physical wellbeing as a direct result of the rink closure;
  3. Notes that in December 2022, the Tasmanian Government commissioned a feasibility study to assess the viability  and practicality of establishing a new ice rink in Tasmania;
  4. Notes that on 10 October 2023 a private investor, provided Minister for Sports and Recreation, the Honorable Nic Street, a paper with three options for securing a new facility in Tasmania;
  5. Notes that each of the three options require a one-off financial investment from the Tasmanian Government to assist in upfront capital costs;
  6. Notes that each option would provide an Olympic-sized dedicated space for training, competition, recreational skating, and caters for the needs of athletes, enthusiasts and community; and
  7. Calls on the Government to commit to working actively with IceSports Tasmania to
    1. deliver a viable solution for an ice sports facility and secure the future of ice sports in Tasmania and
    1. to ensure the necessary funding for the new sports facility has been included in the 2024/25 State Budget.

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