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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Premier – 17 October 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker    

My question is to the Premier.

Premier, on the 6th of October TasCoSS sent you, Minister Barnett, Minister Jaensch and Minister Ogilvie a letter calling on you to urgently address the emergency at Ashley Youth Detention Centre.

The letter was scathing about the lack of timelines around the closure of Ashley and the implementation of a therapeutic model of youth justice.

Premier, TasCoSS said the community organisations they represent stand willing and able to work alongside your Government to offer additional support in this emergency situation.

They called on you to do two things urgently:

  1. To appoint specialist forensic experts to assess all detained children and identify their treatment needs to plan for their care in community; and
  2. To develop a multidisciplinary working group.

Premier, will you do these two things as a matter of urgency?

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