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Who Can We Trust?

By September 28, 2023No Comments

Statement from Kristie Johnston MP;

Today in Parliament I sought assurances from the Premier that public servants who would have had adverse findings against them by the Commission of Inquiry had it not been for legal restrictions, are not still working with vulnerable people and are not tasked with investigating others or in implementing the recommendations of the Commission.

He did not give that assurance.

Clearly there are a number of state employees who failed to act or looked the other way when they were aware of allegations of child abuse within their departments.

There are individuals hiding behind a legal defence to avoid being held to account. These are not the people who should be tasked with investigating others or implementing the recommendations.

The failure to take responsibility demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of their wrong doing and the impact of it.

They failed to protect vulnerable children from abuse. How can we allow these people to investigate others or implement the recommendations of the Commission?

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