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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Premier – 28 September 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker

My question is for the Premier.

Premier, one of the many disturbing matters revealed in the Commission of Inquiry report is the sheer number of public servants who must have turned a blind eye or failed to do their job properly when allegations of children being harmed or the risk of children being harmed was brought to their attention.

It is clear that the Commission wanted to name these individuals and make adverse findings against them but were restricted legally from doing so. These individuals have done the wrong thing.

For victim-survivors and the community to have any trust that the system will change and that children will be safe in the future it is essential that they are confident that those who did the wrong thing are not involved in the solution or the investigation of others.

Premier, can you guarantee that those individuals, who would have had adverse findings against them had it not been for the legal restrictions placed on the Commission, are not currently working with vulnerable people and importantly are not tasked with investigating others or in implementing the recommendations of the Commission?

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