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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Premier – 27 September 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker    

My question is to the Premier.

Premier, Anne Hollonds the National Children’s Commissioner spoke on ABC radio this morning about the delays in the closure of Ashley Youth Detention Centre.

She made the point that while the facility itself is not optimal, and a new facility is desirable, it was not the bricks and mortar that caused the harm, and continues to cause the harm, but rather the culture and the draconian operating model.

Premier your Ministerial Statement outlined new security measures to be implemented at Ashley almost immediately but seemed to defer the implementation of a therapeutic model until the new facility is built, whenever that may be.

The point is while improved security measures may deter or detect harm better, it does not inherently change the culture of Ashley or move it to a therapeutic model, rather than one that causes children to be harmed.

Anne Hollonds argues that while we wait for new facilities to be built there is no reason why a therapeutic model of operation and care could not commence immediately. She says this should have happened yesterday.

Premier, will you as a matter of great urgency direct that a therapeutic model of care and operation be implemented at Ashley immediately?

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