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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs – 13 September 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My questions is to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Minister, I have met with members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community who are extremely concerned about the proposed amendments to the Aboriginal Lands Act.

Consultation on the draft bill closes next Tuesday, 19 September. This ends a six-week consultation period, which is far too short for proper consultation on such important legislation. The opportunity the Tasmanian Aboriginal community to put forward their views has not been meaningful or accessible.

In addition, Minister, you have conducted this consultation at the same time the campaign for the Voice to Parliament referendum is occurring, which has stifled and overshadowed the opportunities for Aboriginal people to have meaningful input into this legislation. Your timing could not have been worse – it is diabolical.

Clearly, you have not listened to the voices of Aboriginal people, as the Aboriginal community are rallying tomorrow outside this building to demonstrate their frustration and outrage, and to demand the consultation they deserve.

Minister, will you extend this consultation to an appropriate time after the Voice debate, to allow for meaningful engagement with the Aboriginal Community?

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