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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Racing – 7 September 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Racing.

Minister, it has been over one month since ORI temporarily suspended leading greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock pending the outcome of an investigation.

Since Bullock’s suspension notorious greyhound trainer Gary Johnson has been filling Bullock’s shoes at race meets fielding more and more dogs. I say notorious because Animal Liberation Tasmania have also released shocking footage of his kennels with dogs forced to dig holes in the dirt to make a bed. Sadly one of Johnson’s dogs, Buckle Up Adalyn, died on 31 August following a horrific multiple fracture racing injury. May she rest in peace and know no more pain and cruelty.

Minister, as I understand it ORI have turned a blind eye to the suffering of Johnson’s dogs and not even investigated.

Minister, can ORI only conduct one investigation at a time?

Minister, when will the community be told of the outcome of the Bullock investigation and when will the welfare of Johnson’s dogs be properly investigated?

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