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Office of Racing Integrity Acts… Finally

By September 5, 2023No Comments

Statement from Kristie Johnston MP:

I have been making the case for some time that the racing industry, across all three codes, has lost its social licence and the confidence of the Tasmanian people.

Today we see that the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) has finally done its job, and stripped the licence from leading trainer, Scott Brunton.

Months ago I alerted the racing minister to the fact that Scott Brunton was allowed to train horses when he was clearly in financial difficulty and therefore not a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

Although the Office of Racing Integrity knew of the financial problems at Brunton’s stables over a year ago, it has taken to now for it to act in the wake of a winding up order by the Tax Office for unpaid tax of approximately $1million.

ORI has been asleep at the wheel and appears only to act when called out in the media. Of course I welcome ORI’s action – better late than never – but it is obvious that Tasracing and ORI are just putting out spot fires across all codes. Clearly, the economic commodification of animals by the racing industry is not something that fits comfortably with Tasmanians.

Alternative arrangements will need to be found for the 100 horses at Brunton’s Seven Mile Beach stables, and I do have concerns for their welfare.

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