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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Primary Industries and Water – 5 September 2023

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Thank you Mister Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Primary Industries and Water.

Minister, recreational fishing is well entrenched in our culture and is one of the few nature-based activities that can be enjoyed from childhood through to senior years.  

Of course, Mr Speaker, there is nothing better than a feed of fresh Tasmanian Flathead.

In the South-East, the Scale Fishery Rules Review flags bag limit cuts as follows:

Striped Trumpeter cut from 4 fish to 2.

Bastard Trumpeter from 5 to 2.

Garfish from 15 to 10.

And Sand Flathead cut from 20 to just two.

Many fishers see these proposed cuts as yet another attack on the lifestyle and culture enjoyed by thousands of Tasmanians, especially considering there are no proposed cuts to the commercial take of Sand and Tiger Flathead in Tasmanian waters.

Minister, what is your plan to return Tasmanian fisheries to the Tasmanian people, and will you include a return of allowable catch to recreational fishers as part of any rebuild or harvest strategy?

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