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Kristie Johnston – Notice of Motion – 9 August 2023

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Ms Johnston to move—That:—

  • A Select Committee be appointed, with power to send for persons and papers and records, to inquire into and report upon
    • the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Office of Racing Integrity, including its:—
      • powers and functions;
      • complaint processes and the conduct of investigations;
      • regulatory compliance matters;
      • communication and relationships with stakeholders including TasRacing, industry participants, and the Minister for Racing;
    • the appropriateness and workability of the Monteith recommendations; and
    • any other matters incidental thereto.

(2) The Members to serve on the Committee shall be five, being:—

(a) the Mover

(b) one from the Government, nominated by the Leader of the House;

(c) one from the Opposition, nominated by the Leader of the Opposition;

(d) one from the Tasmanian Greens, nominated by the Leader of the Tasmanian Greens; and

(e) one Independent Member, nominated by the Mover.

(3) The Committee shall report by 28 February 2024.

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