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Shameful Greyhound Industry in Tatters

By August 10, 2023No Comments

Statement from Kristie Johnston MP;

Today more footage has surfaced of greyhounds living in horrendous conditions at a trainer’s premises.

Earlier this week I drew Racing Minister Felix Ellis’ attention to apparent terrible treatment of dogs at Anthony Bullock’s property at Westbury, which has caused the Office of Racing Integrity to finally commit to an investigation of this facility.

Now we have perhaps what appears to be even worse conditions at Ulverstone Greyhound Trainer, Gary Johnson’s property.

In Parliament the Minister has relied on the oft-repeated assertion that racing is a Tasmanian “way of life” and therefore needs some sort of protection.

Really?  Systemic animal cruelty is a Tasmanian way of life?

This Minister fails to acknowledge that Tasmanians do not accept this is the life they embrace. They want the horror show that is greyhound racing to stop.

Tasmanians do not accept industrialised animal cruelty as their ‘way of life’.

We need a full and independent inquiry into greyhound racing in Tasmania, so that Tasmanian taxpayers know exactly what is going on and where their money is going.

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