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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Racing – 10 August 2023

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Thank you Mister Speaker, my question is to the Minister for Racing.

Minister, this morning we have seen new deeply disturbing footage released by Animal Liberation Tasmania, showing Ulverstone Greyhound Trainer, Gary Johnson’s property, where countless dogs are forced to live in squalor and filth with animal carcasses strewn across the property.

The vision includes dogs living in tiny cages where they can barely turn around with little or no bedding, others housed in tin sheds with no protection from the elements, and in a desperate attempt try and keep warm many are forced to dig holes in the dirt to make their own beds.

This is all occurring right next to Mr Johnson’s slaughterhouse where he kills wastage from the racing industry. These dogs can hear, see and smell death in the air.

Anthony Bullock might be the industry’s biggest bad apple, but he’s not the only bad apple.

Minister on Tuesday, you said that the racing industry is a way of life in Tasmania but what is happening to these dogs is nothing but cruel. Is this the Tasmanian way of life you speak of?

How much more evidence do you need before you admit that nothing short of a full independent inquiry will save these dogs from the life of hell they’re currently living?

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