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Kristie Johnston – Question to Minister for Racing, 20 June 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker, my question is to the Minister for Racing.

Minister, on Monday 5 June, the notorious Tasmanian Greyhound Trainer, Anthony Bullock, had three greyhounds scratched from their respective Launceston races by veterinarians due to their poor condition. 

Queen’s Law, Tah Liam, and Spoken Law were all found to have parasites, skin complaints and had presented in a generally unclean condition.

If this is how Mr Bullock presents his greyhounds for racing, I shudder to think of the condition of those dogs who are hidden away back at his property.  Remember Minister you know that many of Mr Bullock’s kennels are too small and do not meet current animal welfare standards. 

Minister, it is clear that Mr Bullock is not fit to own, breed or race greyhounds and your hands-off approach clearly isn’t working. In fact it seems he is emboldened by your indifference. He thumbing his nose at ORI, the RSPCA, the Council, and you Minister.

How many more strikes does Mr Bullock get before you take control of this appalling situation and step in, step up and do something?

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