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Taxpayers Footing Bill For Mac Point Thumb Twidders

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier if there was much point in paying $600,000 a year in wages and directors’ fees for the Macquarie Point Development Corporation now that the AFL has taken over the site.

In his answer, the Premier inferred that paying for the Corporation and its staff would continue. He was flippant about the impact of the stadium on the truth and reconciliation park when clearly the stadium will be built right on top of it.

And any chance of a truth and reconciliation park or anything else will be a long way off.

It feels like we are living through an episode of ‘Yes Minister’ or ‘Utopia’.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation has a ten year history of spending taxpayers’ money and producing very little. It seems that the Premier is happy for this to continue. There is still the herb garden to maintain.

The text of my question follows:

Premier, the Macquarie Point Development Corporation website has no mention of an AFL stadium.

It’s still spruiking investment in the master plan. In fact it says… The centrepiece will be the creation of The Park (truth and reconciliation art park) – a 13,000 square metre public open space important for large scale events and festivals, providing a meaningful and culturally respectful space to create a sense of connectedness through play, public art, green and cultural spaces.

Didn’t they get the memo that you’re going to whack a great big stadium in the middle of it and that shamefully the truth and reconciliation art park will no longer be?

Given they seem to be sitting in the dark, what is the role, or the point, of the Macquarie Point Development Corporation now?

Are we taxpayers paying over $600,000 a year in executive wages and director fees for them to water the herb garden?

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