Questions in Parliament

Kristie Johnston, Question to the Premier – 24 May 2023

Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Premier.

Premier, the media are reporting that Gill McLachlan and the AFL are eying off the recreation ground at Cornelian Bay for the training and administration facility which would include an 9000 square metre indoor training centre, a gym and recovery area, locker, office and admin rooms, a player lounge and dining area, and a training oval the same size as the playing field at the MCG as required by the deal you signed.

This would take up almost the entirety of Cornelian Bay.

Premier, Cornelian Bay is used by art groups, volunteer dog walkers, Sunday informal cricketers, the south Asian/Indian volleyball community, the multicultural community, and touch footy groups just to name a few. It’s used for personal fitness, informal soccer practice, baseball, music festivals, kids birthday parties, mums and dads flying kites with their kids or having a kick of the footy, and it’s also important greens space for local social housing residents and community members.

It is one of the only recreational grounds in Hobart that isn’t exclusively leased to a club or league. Instead it is used and enjoyed by everyone.

This space is unique. It is highly valued by the local community. It is not Gill McLachlan’s or the AFLs.

Premier, will you pick up the phone to Gill and his crew and tell them to take their grubby mitts off Cornelian Bay?

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