Questions in Parliament

Kristie Johnston, Question to the Premier – 23 May 2023

Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Premier.

Premier, yesterday on ABC radio you talked up the AFL Deal by saying that, and I quote, “The AFL is just a catalyst for something bigger, the Macquaire Point Precinct which will enable unlocking those public transport opportunities for the Derwent ferries and the northern transit corridor”

Recently I received a briefing from State Growth on progress with the Northern Suburbs Transit Corridor.

I was dumbfounded when told that the Bus Rapid Transit announced by your Infrastructure Minister, while he was standing at Macquarie Point, would not even go to Macquarie Point!

For a moment I thought it was a joke. But apparently not…

The plan shown to me has the buses diverting off the rail corridor at the hockey grounds onto Park Street, down Letitia, across busy Burnett St, down Campbell Street, up Davey and arrive at Franklin Square – joining, and adding to, the traffic jams in the city. And in fact, not going through or even anywhere near Macquarie Point!

Premier, was Minister Ferguson’s announcement of a BRT just another wild plan drawn up on the back of the envelope, like your stadium?

Premier, will you fix this disastrous transport plan and actually do the right thing and invest in passenger light rail on the existing rail corridor, to and through Macquarie Point?

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