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Timetable Needed To Ban Conversion Practices

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier whether he was being pressed by conservatives within his party to stall on a Bill to ban conversion practices, and, if he was still committed, when we could expect the Bill to be released.

The Premier said he was personally committed, but was still working with the Attorney-General on the “policy”. The policy is crystal-clear, this is not a difficult issue. It is about basic human rights.

The interjections from his own Cabinet colleagues as I asked my question is clear indication the Liberals are hopelessly wedged on this and the Premier has an internal fight on his hands.

I call on the Premier to be honest and release the timetable in which he expects this important legislation to be dealt with.

The text of my question:

Premier it was a personal election commitment from you to bring a bill before this parliament to ban conversion practices. On 17 May, it will be a year since the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute released its final report on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conversion Practices.

Since that time, the New South Wales, South Australian, and Western Australian governments have all said they would take action joining Victoria, Queensland and the ACT who have done so already. The LGBTQI+ community had expected action from you. These harmful practices must stop and action on your part is urgent.

In response to their frustration at your lack of action, on the 26 October last year, I asked you when we could expect to see a bill. You gave the vague response that community consultation on the draft legislative amendments would be commencing in 2023.

Since then, members of your Government have supported the Australian Christian Lobby’s hateful, untruthful, misleading, insulting, disrespectful and hurtful campaign against a ban on conversion practices. I am concerned, like many others in the community, that you have gone cold on protecting the human rights of the LGBTQI+ community because of some heat within your own cabinet.

Premier the year is rapidly passing us by and we still have had no action from you. Will you commit to dealing with this important bill before the end of the parliamentary year?

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