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Green Light for Mac Point Stadium is Sorry Day for Tasmania

By April 26, 2023No Comments

Media reports today that the Prime Minister is about to give the “green light” to the wretched stadium idea for Macquarie Point, if true, is a sorry day for Hobart and Tasmania.

It demonstrates we have our priorities wrong. Where is the vision for future generations? Do we really want to leave behind a concrete monolith, a white elephant of the first order, as our legacy? Really?

I fully support Tasmania having its own AFL Team and there is no doubt that we deserve to join what is touted as a ‘national’ competition, but we shouldn’t be blackmailed into spending over $500M plus ongoing costs to do so.

The stadium is wrong on just about every front. Its brutal form disrespects our precious waterfront. It sucks taxpayers’ money away from social projects, where it’s desperately needed. The Prime Minister is said to be keen on affordable housing in Hobart – how is that going to work around a huge concrete mausoleum? I haven’t seen any serious “urban renewal” projects put forward by the State Government so whatever is proposed, if it is proposed, I have zero confidence that it will be delivered.

Make no mistake, building a stadium to budget and to time, and with any significant urban renewal outcomes, just won’t happen. What confidence can we have that this State Government can deliver a project of this kind?

My message to Anthony Albanese is this: if you have lazy quarter of a million dollars to waste on this, then you have your priorities skewed as much as the State Liberals. Give the money where it’s needed, for genuine urban renewal, pubic amenity, decent public transport, health … the list of real needs far outweighs any case for this unloved stadium.

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