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At Last! A Macquarie Point Proposal that Nurtures Our Community, Not Divides It

By April 21, 2023No Comments

At Last! A proposal for Macquarie Point that respects and enhances the site for all Tasmanians, rather than a white elephant stadium that a majority of Tasmanians clearly don’t want.

This proposal puts the people of Tasmania first. Much needed homes, access to decent public transport, public open space, and a truth and reconciliation park that respects and recognises Tasmania’s aboriginal community.

This proposal offers light and joy – compare that to the soulless concrete stadium the big end of town want.

I spend a lot of time with my constituents, listening to their views, taking their advice and trying to find ways to make this state we have been blessed with a better place to live. I can tell you, I’m not being stopped in the streets by stadium supporters; overwhelmingly I am told that if there are millions of dollars available for a football stadium, it would be better spent on the things important to every-day people. Access to health services, affordable housing, more caring communities – these are what people want.

Clearly there is a lot to learn about this new proposal as details become available, but from where I sit, this is the breath of fresh air the Macquarie Point saga needs, and needs now before the dreadful stadium idea becomes a nightmare.

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