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All Three Codes Rampant With Animal Cruelty

By April 3, 2023April 13th, 2023No Comments

The release by the Racing Minister of terms of reference for a review into alleged team driving and animal welfare concerns in harness racing industry does not go far enough.

Last Thursday in Parliament I questioned Racing Minister, Madeline Ogilvie about abhorrent live-baiting allegations occurring in Tasmania’s greyhound racing circles.  In response, the Minister said she would direct these allegations to Ray Murrihy who is leading the independent review into the Tasmanian harness racing industry.

It’s clear the Minister isn’t familiar with her own terms of reference, as the review does not include any mention of an enquiry into live baiting in the greyhound industry, it is a review into harness racing.

This Minister doesn’t know what she’s doing.

It is clear there are serious animal welfare questions across all three racing codes. In thoroughbred racing we’ve seen trainers beating horses with pipes, only to receive a paltry fine. The message is, business as usual and don’t get caught.

In greyhound racing we know the proposed changes to the adoption program has been rigged to allow more retired dogs to be killed without even given the opportunity for adoption. And stomach-churning allegations have been made that live baiting is still rife in this “industry”.

One of the biggest contributors to industry ‘wastage’ is the notorious greyhound trainer, Anthony Bullock. Currently animal welfare advocates and myself are appealing the West Tamar Council’s decision to grant him a planning permit to continue his deadly and wasteful operations.

You can help this appeal by donating to the RSPCA’s appeal by heading to and type ‘greyhound appeal’ in the reference

The Minister, Madeleine Ogilvie is in hiding. It is clear that Liberal strategists don’t want her anywhere near the press.

The three race codes are in a mess, and the problems go much further and deeper than the harness review announced on the weekend.

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