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Parliament Supports Tough Stand on E-Cigarettes

By March 29, 2023May 2nd, 2023No Comments

Today in Parliament I moved a motion to ban the sale or supply of e-cigarettes – commonly called vapes – without a medical prescription. I am delighted that the House supported me and passed the motion.

The text of the motion is attached.

In short, the House acknowledged that e-cigarettes are not safe and can cause a long list of detrimental health issues, including poisoning, burns and respiratory disease.

My particular concern is for school children and young adults. I am aware that children as young as grade three, four and five are using e-cigarettes. Teenage children tell me that school toilets are becoming no-go vaping dens.

E-cigarettes supplied without a prescription can be very dangerous because of the lack of regulation and control. There is hard evidence that some manufactures are surreptitiously inserting nicotine into sweet, fruit-flavoured vapes that are targeted at young people and labelled has non-nicotine, with the clear intention of addicting children.

I am very grateful to the Premier for his support for the motion, and for his assurances that he will pursue the other Australian jurisdictions for a national approach on the control of
e-cigarettes, including making it an offence to supply e-cigarette products without a doctor’s prescription.

Notice of Motion – 29 March 2023

Ms Johnston to move –

That the House

  1. Agrees that e-cigarettes are not safe.
  2. Acknowledges the conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes can cause:
    1. addiction;
    1. burns and injuries;
    1. poisoning;
    1. acute nicotine toxicity;
    1. seizures; and
    1. acute respiratory diseases including illness requiring hospitalization and intubation.
  3. Acknowledges the substantial evidence:
    1. of addiction to e-cigarettes among non-smokers;
    1. that non-smokers who use e-cigarettes are three times more likely than non-users to go on to smoke combustible tobacco cigarettes;
    1. of the alarming increase in use by young people;
    1. that most e-cigarette use, even among smokers, is not for smoking cessation; and
    1. the poor enforcement of the legal prescription pathway for e-cigarettes.
  4. Acknowledges:
    1. that mainstream retailers in Australia, including convenience stores, tobacconists and others are a major source of nicotine e-cigarette products in breach of Federal and State/Territory legislation, including in Tasmania (eg, Public Health Act 1997 (Tas), Federal Poisons Standard);
    1. the proliferation and availability of e-cigarette devices and liquids not labelled as containing nicotine or claiming to be nicotine-free undermines efforts to enforce the legal prescription pathway.
  5. Expresses alarm about the rapid increase in use by young people of e-cigarettes in Tasmania.
  6. Condemns targeted marketing to young people.
  7. Notes the Federal Health Ministers’ meeting on 24 February 2023 and resolutions of that meeting which endorsed the National Tobacco Strategy 2022-2030 and establish an E-Cigarette Working Group, and calls on the State Government to continue advocating for a national approach around the serious issue of vaping and e-cigarette use, including consideration to make it an offence to supply e-cigarette products, regardless of whether they contain nicotine, outside the Therapeutic Goods Administration prescription avenues.

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