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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Racing – 29 March 2023

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Racing.

Minister, it is well known that new Tasracing vet, Dr Martin Lenz, introduced a feeder program in Queensland whereby a quarter of all exiting greyhounds were weeded out before they entered that state’s Greyhound Adoption program, if it was clear it would take too long for them to become adoptable.

This was done so that the more difficult dogs did not affect Queensland GAP’s quick turn-around requirement.

Welfare advocates are concerned that, similarly, under Tasracing’s new proposed GAP policy, disgraced trainer and former GAP manager, Susan Gittus, will be bought in as the first point of assessment to decide which greyhounds will die and which ones will progress to GAP.

This will mean that the euthanasia rates will be off GAP’s books and only the easiest of dogs will be processed through GAP and ultimately rehomed.

These concerns are well founded as Ms Gittus, who had her training licence suspended for some time for a prohibited substance being found in one of her dogs, is also on the TasRacing Greyhound Adoption Program Working Group. Highly inappropriate.

Minister, you are also aware of allegations made by a former staff member of the Office of Racing Integrity, that ORI directed that dogs be euthanised off-track, rather then on-track where statistics and data are recorded.

Minister you’ve made a song-and-dance about euthanasia rates going down; but rather, isn’t it the case that you, Tasracing and ORI are trying to hide the real situation, thereby hiding the cruelty that underpins this industry?

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