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Greyhound ‘Wastage’ is Ogilvie’s Shame

By March 23, 2023No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Minister for Racing, Madeleine Ogilvie, what happens to the over 550 greyhounds who don’t get re-homed in a year, and how long will they sit on death row before they are killed?

As usual she read a prepared brief that was completely out of touch with the fate that awaits hundreds of greyhounds every year. She can’t add up – she’s can’t account for the 550 dogs every year that don’t get rehomed.

Minister Ogilvie clearly does not care about the industry’s wastage or the dogs’ welfare. Under the GAP program that she proposes it seems every Tasmanian home is going to need to adopt a greyhound in order to stop the wastage!

So it is left to caring members of the community to pick up the pieces and advocate and care for these fabulous dogs.

The biggest contributor to industry wastage is the notorious greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock. Animal welfare advocates and I are appealing the West Tamar Council decision to grant him a planning permit and allow him to continue his deadly and wasteful operations.

But we desperately need funds to help us do this.

We are calling on the dog-loving people of people of Tasmania to help where the Minister won’t and donate to this appeal through the RSPCA.

NOTE: Greyhound welfare advocates and their greyhounds will join Ms Johnston on the Parliament House lawns to express their concerns with Tasracing’s new dog kill policy, and to put a friendly, furry face to the pending disaster that confronts their racing brethren.

We are hoping for between ten and twenty dogs to be present.

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