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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Premier in his capacity as Health Minister – 22 March 2023

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Premier, Moreton Group Medical Services, has been partially funded through Primary Health Tasmania to provide healthcare from 6pm on weeknights, at no cost to the patient.

These pop-up clinics visit the Elizabeth Street Mall and similar locations, targeting the most vulnerable in our community who simply cannot access a GP, either because finding a GP who bulk-bills is close to impossible or because, in any event, most GPs have closed their books to new patients.

Unfunded activities of the service include a clinic at the Glenorchy Salvation Army and Flint House where bulk-billed healthcare is provided.

Funding has been sought from the Primary Healthcare Grants Round Three, this funding would have allowed the continuation of unfunded daytime services and expansion of services to five days a week.

Sadly the service was unsuccessful in their funding request and as a direct result, daytime services now must cease next month.

Premier, this is a low-cost service that is philanthropically funded by Moreton Group Medical Services run on very little money but a huge amount of goodwill. It is exactly what we need because clients now will clog up the Royal’s Emergency Department, which is exactly what we must avoid.

Premier, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Will you re-visit the funding of this service that helps so many people who otherwise cannot see a GP?

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