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Kristie Johnston, Question to the Minister for Racing – 21 March 2023.

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Racing.

On Thursday it was revealed that there will be changes to the Greyhound Adoption Program that have the potential to sign the death warrant for hundreds of innocent greyhounds.

From questions put to you by the media that day it appears you were completely unaware of the deadly changes. Another example of you failing to know what is happening right under your nose in the racing portfolio.

Under new guidelines issued by Tasracing, trainers can make “difficult end-of-life decisions” and declare a dog “not suitable” for re-homing under GAP.

How convenient.

The changes put trainers in effective charge of GAP, resulting in a massive conflict of interest.

Minister, for trainers and owners it is simple economics – if a dog isn’t racing and winning then it costs them money. It needs to be off the property as quickly as possible and the quickest means to achieve this end is to kill the dog.

Racing is ultimately a game of percentages – the more animals you can move through a training facility the more chance of finding a winner. The industry calls the unwanted dogs “wastage”.

Minister, will you abandon your hands-off attitude and intervene to pull Tasracing into line by properly funding and oversighting the GAP scheme, ending the dog kill policy?

And will you provide funding to other re-homing facilities like the RSPCA and Brightside who are desperately trying to find homes for the industry’s wastage and give these beautiful creatures the life they deserve?

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