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Hobart Traffic Chaos – We Must Have Light Rail

By January 17, 2023No Comments

The Independent Member for Clark, Kristie Johnston, will comment on the desperate need for a Northern Suburbs rail service.

“The traffic chaos yesterday caused by an accident on the Tasman Bridge is stark proof that a rail service from Hobart’s CBD to the Northern Suburbs is desperately needed,” Ms Johnston said.

“Some motorists were trapped in their cars for three hours just to get from the city to Glenorchy.

“We are needless slaves to the motor car. Of course the family car is here to stay, but continuing to throw taxpayer’s money at road infrastructure is not the solution to traffic congestion.

“Both Liberal and Labor governments, over the years, have been obsessed with roads. Roads, roads, roads: that’s all we hear.

“Cheap and sensible alternatives, like rail and ferries, will take pressure off our roads and give travellers a sensible, cleaner option.”

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