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Wallaby forced to smoke a cigarette – Madeleine Ogilvie Ok with that

By November 9, 2022No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Minister for Racing, Madeleine Ogilvie, if she would direct the Office of Racing Integrity to conduct an investigation into media reports that an alleged greyhound racing industry participant has been mistreating a wallaby joey.

All Tasmanians would have been sickened by a social media video of a joey apparently being forced to smoke a cigarette.

Yet again this Minister completely failed to answer the question. Her only response has been “put it in writing”.

She refuses to deal with the real issues facing the racing industry, in particular whether the people involved are fit and proper to be in charge of animals, and whether they are bringing the industry into disrepute.

All Ms Ogilvie can do is deflect my questions and descend into personal attacks.

While she abrogates her responsibilities by trying to run her portfolio behind closed doors, animals continue to suffer. She can personally attack me all she likes but I will not shy away from my role which is to publicly shine a light on cruelty wherever and whenever it occurs.

She just does not understand that Parliament is a public forum for Members to raise concerns – telling critics like me to “write me a letter” is wilful disregard of her duty as a Minister.

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