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Ministers still refusing to respond to the voices of the people

By October 27, 2022No Comments

This morning in Parliament I again asked the Premier why his Ministers refuse to respond to some eleven overdue Parliamentary e-petitions, some dating back over 18 months.

The Premier’s response with a personal apology and commitment to reforms that will better the communities’ expectations is all well and good, but how hard can it be?    

The process is simple; Petition closes, relevant Minster formulates a response.  Minister tables response when they say they will.  Pretty basic stuff.

This is now getting beyond ridiculous, and shows a blatant lack of respect and common courtesy from Government Ministers towards real Tasmanians who have genuine concerns about real issues.  These are thousands of Tasmanians who take the time and effort to ask questions and seek response from their Government about what’s important to them.

Issues such as housing, the health system, the lack of ambulance resources, protecting the threatened wedge-tailed eagle, the northern prison and more.

I first asked the Premier about this on the 29th of September this year, and he made a commitment to look into it.

With only two parliament sitting weeks left for the year, I strongly doubt that we see any response to these long overdue petitions by Christmas.  That means Tasmanians could be waiting until March 2023 for a response to a number of petitions, some two years after they were due!

The Premier needs to lay down the law with his Ministers at the next cabinet meeting and insist that the people of Tasmania are treated with greater respect.  It’s not good enough.

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