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Johnston votes against Labor stadium referendum

By October 27, 2022No Comments

This afternoon in Parliament, the Independent Member for Clark, Kristie Johnston, voted against Labor’s motion which called for the Government to establish a referendum on the proposed Macquarie Point stadium.

“I fully support Tasmania having its own AFL Team, but the government’s proposed stadium at Macquarie Point is a bad idea, and so is Labor’s referendum.

“A referendum is simply throwing good money after bad and would be an unnecessary and costly exercise when there are so many more important issues such as health, housing and education that need urgent attention.

“I speak to many vulnerable Tasmanians on a daily basis who just can’t understand why their government is choosing to spend over $750 million on a pie in the sky stadium while they struggle to afford the basics of life such as a home, food and basic medical care,” Ms Johnston said.

Ms Johnston reiterated that Tasmania already has two perfectly good stadiums that regularly host AFL and AFLW games and would be more than suitable for a Tasmanian team;

“Blundstone Arena and UTas Stadium are fantastic venues and both have the capacity to be the home venue for a Tasmanian AFL team.  Even if some upgrading of existing infrastructure was required to facilitate transport and capacity issues, it certainly would be a wise investment compared to the government’s conservative figure of $750M for a new stadium.

“Bring on a Tasmanian AFL Team, but not at the expense of those vulnerable Tasmanians that need help the most,” Ms Johnston said.

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