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Vulnerable Tasmanians deserve more time to have their say

By October 25, 2022No Comments

Today in Parliament, I asked the Attorney General if she would commit to extending the consultation period for the draft Guardianship and Administration Amendment Bill following concerns from Advocacy Tasmania.  She refused.

This again demonstrates that the Attorney General is simply not listening to vulnerable Tasmanians and those who advocate for them.

Whilst Advocacy Tasmania have been calling for urgent reforms it is important that they are the right reforms and not change for change’s sake.

Advocacy Tasmania has significant concerns about the Amendment Bill which include; no supported decision making provisions embedded in it, no criminal provision for abuse of guardianship/administration orders including by public bodies, no compensation provisions, no independent oversight, gag provisions and emergency orders are still in place and there is a new provision which allows guardians the right to authorise medical research on a person without their consent.

These are no trifling matters.

The Attorney General has only allowed three weeks for her version of consultation/briefings.

Briefings are not a substitute for genuine consultation. Clearly she isn’t interested in real input from those who will be affected or likely to be affected by the operation of this Bill.

I call on her to stop trying to ram through bad legislation and listen to what the community is telling her, and give these vulnerable Tasmanians and their advocates more time to have their say in regards to a bill that will have life-changing implications.

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