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Kristie Johnston – Question to Parliament, 19 October 2022

By October 19, 2022October 25th, 2022No Comments

Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Racing.

Minister, I want to raise with you two allegations of recent, abhorrent cruelty by thoroughbred trainers which have occurred under your watch.

The first involves an incident in Devonport where a trainer is alleged to have repeatedly whipped a horse approximately 43 times in a sand pit. I am advised that there is CCTV footage of the incident and a number of witnesses.

The second incident is from Brighton and involves a trainer beating a horse with a PVC pipe. Again, I am advised that there is CCTV footage and witnesses.

Minister, both these trainers are still training horses despite their very public and disgusting acts of cruelty to horses in their care.

Minister, this smells yet again of an industry who puts profits ahead of animal welfare, and a regulator who is finding it all too difficult to enforce the rules and bare minimum standards of animal welfare, and all of this is on your watch.

Minister, can you confirm these two incidents occurred?

And if so, why weren’t the trainers involved immediately suspended from training?

Minister, how many more animals have to suffer before you intervene and demand that ORI do their job and revoke the licences of the cruel and unconscionable trainers across all three racing codes?

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