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Disgraceful government attack on whistle-blower

By September 21, 2022No Comments
The Independent Member for Clark, Kristie Johnston has joined Andrew Wilkie MP and Meg Webb MLC in calling out the Tasmanian Government’s appalling treatment of child abuse whistle-blower, Alysha. “The Government should be grateful to Alysha for her bravery in coming forward and calling out the deplorable state of affairs at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre, but instead they have been put through the ringer at the hands of the State Government,” Ms Johnston said. “Alysha’s attestation was critical in the Government’s decision to close Ashley but unfortunately this bravery has had dire consequences for her and her family. “The mistreatment of Alysha by the State Government is a text book example of how whistle-blowers are attacked and belittled rather than believed and supported.  “We need people to feel safe to come forward and shine a light on wrongdoings such as corruption and child abuse. “Instead, it appears this Government’s policy is to shoot the messenger. “This has two aims: to beat the complainant into submission, and to stand as a warning to anyone else who thinks of bringing wrong-doing into the open. “After seeing the treatment Alysha has suffered, why would anyone want to blow the whistle themselves? They have been warned. “The Attorney General and the Premier have the power to do the right thing here, but they are dragging their heels and causing further trauma,” Ms Johnston said.

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