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Premier backs cruel greyhound industry

By September 7, 2022No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier if he would distance himself from his racing minister, Madeleine Ogilvie, and show some compassion towards the dozens of racing greyhounds killed or injured every year in the name of “sport”.

Unfortunately, but sadly unsurprisingly, he placed himself firmly on the side of this dishonest and systemically cruel industry.

The barricades went up to defend the indefensible.

His contentions are the industry’s contentions: that it’s okay to hide greyhound injuries and deaths by editing out incidents in online race videos because that’s the practice in other jurisdictions; and that TasRacing publishes statistics on greyhound deaths and injuries.

How pathetic. The Premier claims that he is proud to be supporting this “entertainment/sport” with public funding but he doesn’t want the public to see it in all its horrific glory – just the sanitised bits.

If TasRacing and the Government think that the footage of injuries and deaths is too gruesome or offensive for public consumption then by extension the industry that allows that to happen is also gruesome and offensive and deserves to be shut down.

And the TasRacing data only shows a small snapshot of the cruelty associated with the industry. It doesn’t record the deaths and injuries that occur away from the track or the abhorrent conditions that many of the dogs are housed in.

Subjecting dogs to the risk of injury and death is not entertainment and it is not sport. No amount of editing can hide how inherently cruel this publicly funded industry is.

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