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Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 7 September 2022

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Thank you Mr Speaker

My question is to the Premier in the absence of the Minister for Racing.

Premier, the purpose of Question Time is for members to ask a question on behalf of the community to a Minister in a public and recorded forum. It’s an important part of ministerial accountability.

That’s why I asked Minister Ogilive yesterday, on behalf of the community I represent, about TasRacing’s new practice to edit race videos to cut out injuries or deaths.

They wanted to hear her stand in this place and answer as the Minister responsible.

The sanitising of race videos to remove footage of falls, injuries and deaths is nothing more than a PR cover up of the publicly funded carnage.

This is the very opposite of the “improved transparency regarding animal welfare” that she claimed in her response to the e-petition.

Premier you want integrity to be the hallmark of your leadership so I will ask you.

Premier, is your government and TasRacing too ashamed and embarrassed to show the public the horrors that occur in greyhound racing?

Will you show leadership where your Minister has failed and immediately direct TasRacing to publish the full and unedited videos of each race instead of hiding injuries and deaths from the public view?

Do you have complete confidence in your racing Minister?

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