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Minister Ogilvie avoids scrutiny on greyhound horrors

By September 6, 2022No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Racing Minister, Madeleine Ogilvie, if she was aware that TasRacing edits-out greyhound injuries and deaths from race replays posted to its website.

I asked her if she is too ashamed and embarrassed to show the public the horrors that occur in greyhound racing, and called on her to immediately direct TasRacing to publish the full and unedited videos of each race instead of hiding injuries and deaths from the public view.

I received an extraordinary response from Ms Ogilvie – “write to me”!

The convention of parliamentary question time, if the Minister does not have the answer to hand, is to seek advice and then come back to the House with the answer. This Minister seems to want to do her job by letter.

The sad fact is that, like the editing of racing videos, her response avoids transparency – she wants to deal with this serious issue behind closed doors – avoiding public scrutiny.

It seems that this Minister and TasRacing don’t want the public to see the blood on their hands and will go to great lengths to avoid scrutiny.

The Minister has a petition with over 13,000 signatures from ordinary Tasmanians calling for taxpayer funding of this barbaric “sport” to end. This has been ignored.

Greyhound racing is systemically cruel. It is irredeemable. It must end now.

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