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Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 18 August 2022

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Attorney General.

Attorney, right now thousands of Tasmanians with fixed term leases are living in fear.

Tenants on fixed terms are frightened that if they try and enforce their most human basic rights under the Residential Tenancy Act for things like repairs, the right to quiet enjoyment or protection from unreasonable rent increases that vindictive landlords will evict them at the end of the lease.

And with an incredibly competitive private rental market where demand far exceeds supply and prices going through the roof and often beyond the reach of ordinary Tasmanians eviction risks homelessness.

It is not surprising therefore, that frightened tenants are not making complaints to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner.

Currently, any tenant can be evicted at the end of their 12-month lease agreement for no other reason than that their lease is ending. But tenants on non-fixed term lease agreements can only be evicted because they have committed a breach or the landlord is selling the property or undertaking significant renovations or using the property for another purpose or having a family member move in.

Attorney do you agree that security of tenure is important for Tasmanian families? And will you commit to amending the Residential Tenancy Act to provide tenants on fixed leases with the same protection against no ground evictions as tenants on non-fixed lease?

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